Shown above: Moody Mansion, Galveston Texas Mural reproduction

~ Historic Restoration with Dan Bennett Renaissance Artistry ~

The photos below are a partial project involvement overview. They depict work in progress or completed projects. The projects took months or years and demanded refined skills and a dedication to perfection.

Often, Dan was the soul artist on the job, for larger projects a team of professional artists and craftsman was necessary. As acting manager, Dan oversaw that team members worked together honing their skills, and sharing their knowledge as they completed some of the most prestigious projects in the country.

Dan's been affiliated with Conrad Schmidt Studios of New Berlin, Wisconsin, Evergreene Studios of New York, ,Potente Studios of Kenosha, Wisconsin and Affiliated Artists Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has worked for and with the finest artists and craftsman in their prospective fields.

Contact Dan Bennett if you have any questions regarding art restoration or custom art. Dan is more than happy to discuss artistic projects with you and provide you with free estimates for your artistic project.

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All imagery and photos of artwork below are copyrighted by Dan Bennett Artistry

Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, Wisconsin. Proscenium Arch decoration

Federal Court House Milwaukee Wisonsin. Hallway decoration

4th Presbyterian Chicago Illinois. Ceiling and wall decoration

Wang Center, Boston Massachusettes. Mural restoration

Church decorative scheme Grafton Wisconsin

Church decorative scheme Madison Wisconsin

Moody Mansion, Galveston Texas Mural reproduction

Paramount Theater, Bristol Tenn. Mural reproduction

Society Bank, Cleveland, Ohio Mural renovation

Society Bank, Cleveland, Ohio Mural renovation

Society Bank, Cleveland, Ohio Mural renovation

Fairlawn Mansion, Superior, Wisconsin. Reproduce original decorative paint scheme.

Stone Manor, Lake Geneva, Wiosconsin. Restoration sample

St. Rose Convent, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Decorative scheme restoration

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